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Meghan # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 8:13 pm

@epiphaniesarefun, I’m glad you replied to this. That helps me. Yeah my mom did some weird shit too. Especially when she got kicked out of the house. Once she showed up at 2 am and started hugging my dad in his sleep. And another time I had to break up a physical fight between my parents in front of my little sister. I am normally quiet and mellow but I had to scream and cuss at her to get her to stop. She was always stealing my and my sister’s money. She’d take my debit card and then when I realized she used it she’d say she asked me and I told her she could use it. She just lied A LOT and I try really hard to not let that affect my trust in other people. But you’re absolutely right. Thanks, I will refer back to what you said if I’m ever having one of those “shit am I going crazy” days.