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hello # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 4:25 pm

@mallorn, I read the book too, different than the movie but still wicked good. I was only slightly disappointed that the scene where “Lou” goes down when they’re having a meeting and beats the shit out of Brad Pitt wasn’t in the book lol. Dude I love archer, might be the funniest show ever, I’ve watched them all so many times. Samurai Champloo was amazing too, made me realize how much I like eastern culture. the boondocks is a great show, i love it. Do you have any other animes you’d recommend? Maybe some similar to samurai champloo

, shutter island is a crazy movie, plus i looove leo.

, Memento is a crazy movie, I had to watch it like three times to fully follow it haha. Will dead man’s shoes crush a part of me in a good or bad way? makes me a little anxious to watch it

, Yeah the truman show is like the only movie with jim carrey in it that i like, and i feel like it takes on even more meaning recently with the government spying on us and all that