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Ben # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 7:19 pm

Warning…nerd rage:

i second Rubber, it should still be on netflix, and is hilarious and about a psychokinetic tire.

, if you enjoyed the book i bet youd like some of his others, it’s not often I find fiction I like enough to read, but his is great. lol same w/ archer, rewatched too many times and about to again. it’s just so damn good… good, one absurdly smart show out of all the american ones. i especially like fiction that uses anachronisms well, and archer just does it superbly.

i highly recommend arrested development, and then bobs burgers if you haven’t seen them. its like all the smart, innovative, funny actors are on all the same shows…jessica walter, jeff tambor and david cross on arrested and archer, h jon benjamin, tambor, kristen schaal, eugene mirman all on archer and bobs. and then portia de rossi in arrested and better off ted, which may just be one of the most underrated series ever.

on to anime…which is why this post is so long. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for the good ones, and hope to make a job of it someday. its unfortunate how few mature animes there are. For instance, I put almost all the best ones I’ve seen in my other post, but left out Fullmetal Alchemist. Fantasy/Steampunk, there’s a manga and two completely different animes, one that follows the story and one that diverges brilliantly. It’s a different storyline that takes on a whole different tone… darker, more mature, less reliant on the flashy battle scenes. But they still happen, and I originally saw the show when I was 12 or so, so I’d probably be less inclined to start watching it now. But back then, it pretty much blew my mind…brilliant writers. And now it feels like the first anime I would make. it addresses issues maturely and so beautifully: morality, religion, abundant death, grief, genocide, life, on and on. These are real people living their lives. And some homonculi.

Similar to FMA are neon genesis: evangelion and rah-xephon, considering a genius mixture of young main protagonists and older supporting ones, who are all written so ****ing well, as well as themes of mystery and tragedy.

the latter two are mecha deconstructions, so initially kids are fighting for their lives in robot suits and ur like wtf? but because they’re deconstructions, the kids are also like wtf, rebel against the adults, and it becomes an epic. you slowly solve what turns into a global conspiracy as people are dying and kids learn the cruel nature of our world. Xephon has a smaller audience, as it’s slower and people are much more likely to stop watching. but it’s more poetic, has some beautifully done egyptian mythology, has an insanely good soundtrack because of god-like creatures singing, and after you overcome the first 6 or 7 episodes you start seeing the true brilliance. same for eva…it must be seen. So few works deal with depression and psychoanalysis, at such a well-written and personal level. And it’s the kids who get depressed. There’s also one of the most well done portrayals of an unrequited love I’ve seen.

so I’ve seen very few like samurai champloo and cowboy bebop, probably because, according to the internet, displays of affection are nowhere as overt or common in japan as they are in the west. which may explain the focus on young protagonists. so these are two of the best I’ve seen, both directed by the same guy who also wrote champloo. i think bebop suffers from more translation problems. but it’s still great. wonderful anachronisms in both of these.

ghost in the shell is a really unqiue show, a mystery cop drama that goes back and forth between cyberpunk and post cyberpunk. Both seasons of the anime are great, really unique stuff. It has its slow moments but is brilliant. Darker than black has a similar tone, older protagonists, and is also wonderfully unique.

FLCL is crazy and mandatory if you haven’t seen it. No death here, but it’s about going through puberty for christ’s sake, and does it with this nostalgic tint that makes you remember what it was like to be that old. gurren lagann is similar and made by the same ppl, and I have not finished it yet.

mnemosyne is about immortals, really entertaining stuff here, besides for witnessing friendships lasting decades you can see naked women get stabbed through the tits. and arms and all other limbs, repeatedly. I’d place this with speed grapher, which is an awesome show just because of how little it cares about believing its own plot. a photojournalist infiltrates a cult gathering, gets touched by the creepily young/female/naked goddess they all worship, and goes about thwarting evil with his newly found ability to cause explosions with his camera. Among many great things here is an easily foiled protagonist, some brilliant storytelling and imagination with all the politics, and an empathy-deserving villain.

Serial experiments lain is the bee’s knees as well, so unique that I have a hard time describing it. Mature even with a young protagonist, because she’s a computer genius. deals with isolation in the cyber age, with fascinating plot and characterization, and beautiful visuals. the common city streets are like expressionist paintings.

similar in aesthetic to lain and ghost in the shell is ergo proxy. sci-fi mystery meets steampunk meets cyberpunk meets noir. this show has layers of isolation, paranoia, and self-discovery layered upon more layers of self-discovery. I don’t think this show was as good as it could have been, as they really didn’t get too deep into what seemed to be existential underpinnings of the show. but they still got deep. the opening theme is one of my favorites, with superb noir visuals and the only radiohead song i like, paranoid android.

there’s also afro samurai, entertaining but not the best. and soul eater, which is quite light in tone and an enjoyable watch. some very good jokes, some not so good. it’s often smarter than you expect it to be, one example being one of the kids has to wield dual guns because of his symmetry ocd, which they often exploit for laughs. sword art online is recent, i’m on ep 7 or so. about some kids who get trapped in a virtual game, it becomes real life, the usual stuff. But the virtual game is an mmo, so it’s really entertaining for me because I’ve played several mmos. If you haven’t, players join guilds so they can have other players to ally themselves with and complete content together. Sometimes people fight over the shiny sword that just dropped, and whole guilds literally disband. they have a whole episode about this in the show, and it’s quite good.

omg almost done…samurai 7 is just brilliant, based on an old film. This is the most imperative based on awesomeness. it explores a fictional version of history. What if the empires during the feudal age happened upon huge flying robots? And what if farmers fought back by hiring seven small samurai strong and strong-willed enough to win a war. ****ing awesome here. Rewatched several times. i’m listening to the theme song. considering your interest in champloo, you might like this one a lot.

Well that was an exercise in memory if anything. hope it helps you, it took long enough lol. Finally, there’s this anime called texnolyze, which i can’t finish bc its boring. but the opening song is great. that 1 minute long opening theme is more enthralling than the show itself. hey, u can listen while reading the above essay.