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Ben # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 8:31 pm

you’re welcome, i took several breaks lol, and now i can use it to just copy and paste to other ppl who want anime info. i feel compelled to give those lengthy descriptions, i enjoyed them so much. and yep, this is what my degree is in. lol got a B.A. in nerd. I may make an anime one day…

I forgot inuyasha. it’s often on adult swim and perfect for it because of the episodic plot. Very distinct style, lots of funny moments considering it’s following a teenage girl who falls down a well and ends up in a magical version of feudal japan, where demons try to kill her. So many engaging characters include a likable lecher and a shape-shifting brat, both of whom seem to create their own tropes. something around 230 episodes here, which is nothing like the other series. Reasonable criticisms are that it drags on the plot, is often repetitive, and it doesn’t go too deep into the rivalries, xenophobia, repeatedly attempted fratricides, etc. But it’s not supposed to make you think much, even with all the intrigue and death and love stories that last 225 episodes. they literally have every character think out loud. its lulsy. but supposed to be. it’s like a pallet cleanser after the dark hole that is evangelion.

speaking of which, if you haven’t heard of it’s a really fun site. compiles tropes and the works that use them, has shows from archer to buffy. it’s a gold mine for people like me

ya home movies is good. h jon was also in lucy daughter of the devil, only saw one ep of that but it was funny.