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Rev # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 12:24 pm

@fucksake, well that would be the beauty of agnoticism. believing that anything is possible, so not holding a firm belief in any side, just acknowledging that both can b the case. but we already know that there r creatures who can’t experience the world with all the senses we can,therefore creating only a partial view of the universe. even in humans, there r ppl who lack sight, who will never b able to experience the world as the majority and couldn’t even fathom how an elephant or anything looks. their reality is slightly different than ours, i’d love to peek in their brains to see how they imagine sight.

and then there r animals with senses we don’t experience, such as the bat, or shark. reality is different for them. and the even simpler fact that we cannot see the universe from above, zoomed out to the max. this universe could be a bundle of atoms in a world much larger than ours and we’d never know it. so i’d say, u don’t have to firmly believe we cannot absolutely perceive reality, but keep an open mind, an agnostic view.