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Blue Nebula # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 1:33 pm

I love your questions man, it forces me to think.
The ideas I’m about to express are already existing, I mixed them up a bit (“Conversation with God – Book 2” (Neale Donald Walsch); “Understanding power” (Noam Chomsy); and “1984” (George Orwell)).
That’s a really wide subject, I can’t answer it like this, but I’ll try to sum it up.
The State, beside the negative aspects we think about immediately (corruption, injustice…), can be benefic. The example given by Mr. Walsch is absolutely perfect; since we can’t afford/want to take care of our old parents, give them money or else, the State does it for us. So its role is, somehow, to do what we can’t, or don’t want to do.
However, I think the State is considered now as a threat (1984 – NSA scandal), because of the stupidity, selfishness and egoism of only a handful of people. But we still think that this State, as evil as he can be, still has the obligation to protect us, and take care of us. So, technically, we are resting on a State (and on a system, in general) who is imperfect, yet we still “add” more obligations on it, and expect more and more from him. It’s a vicious circle where the wealthiness of some implies the despair of others.

We are well aware of these inequalities, but we still choose to close our eyes and count on an imperfect State to solve all problems.
So the States, and Law itself is an imperfect answer to our own imperfections.

The first step to a better system would be to radically change education itself. Again, perfectly explained in Mr. Walsch’s book, we learn the “facts” (history, politics, maths…), but we never learn the “essence” of it all, our opinions are never asked. We don’t want our child to disagree with us, that would mean the end of our current system, so we teach them “democracy” as we know it now as the best system.
As Churchill said: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” So we start from the principle that our current situation is imperfect, but still the best of all the possibilities.

But if we want to change the State, we have to change ourselves before. The State won’t change us, but we will. And thanks to HE, we’re on the start of something here.
I could write on for hours haha! Tell me your opinion, and if you think I’m wrong (partially or completely), please tell