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Blue Nebula # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 10:37 am

@martijn, I will certainly remind you in two months to talk about it!
I quickly read the first few pages, and though the terms aren’t always easy to understand (since I have to translate everything as I read), I’m sure you gonna have loads of stuff to talk about.

This State of Exception, it’s the ability for a government to momentarily suspend the law and its rules, to take “special decisions”, right?

And your problematic is interesting. I suppose you’re studying in English? In France, we have to study a LOT the revolution (1789), and it is true that law, which is supposed to prevent violence (or at least diminish it) requires violence in order to work.
So I think that’s where your personnal ethics come in the equation; sadly, Law considers moraliy as a subjective parameter, even worse, to be inferior to law…

Do you think if the power came from God, but not a specific God, things would go better?