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Tom # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 4:10 pm

@ziggy, To keep my near death experience short, I ended up having peritonitis from a burst appendix. The doctors said they only had 1 or 2 as severe as mine every year. I also had about 1.5 litres of gunk/poison in my body cavity which they said was alot and I figured I could have come near to having septacemia. I had lots of pockets of absecesses spread over my lower torso and need a few operations to drain them. I then got pneumonia in both lungs which can also kill you. I was in hospital for 5 weeks and then spent all summer recovering.
I haven’t learnt as much as I would have liked from this near death experience. I still live as if I will live forever and act the same as before. I think this is because at the time I was very niave and didn’t think much of it or appreciate how serious it was.
What I have learnt however is that attitude is everything. I put my success in hospital down to having a positive attitude. I also learnt that you don’t want to be in hospital when you are older as you have to wait a long time to be released in some cases as they have to evaluate how safe you will be at home and if you will be looked after. Finally, I saw this man next to me enter the hospital with not much wrong with him thinking he would be leaving soon, end up being transferred to a hospice a few weeks later and sadly died a few weeks later.
One last thing, if I were to go into hospital again, I would bring a video camera and record your experience, that way you can learn more from it, I remember thinking that when I was better I would appreciate not feeling ill and never complain of little things like headaches ever again, however I sometimes forget this.

I find I don’t like thinking about it as I regret not taking it as an oppourtunity to live my life and freeing myself from thinking like most people who let life pass them by and don’t appreciate it. This near death experience could have been one of the greatest things to happen to me in my life but I feel I’ve wasted it.