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Illusion # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 5:07 am

Sorry, English isn’t my first language.
Living in Thailand for 16 days now. I’m free from my season depression (October til April in Sweden). What a relief.
So up for this challenges.

In Thailand I have tried to eat the same food as the Thai people do. I am pretty tired of rice soup and rice/chicken/egg. We eat that almost everyday here.
Then my friend here wanna be nice and bought some Skippy (peanut butter?) and bread. Another thing I cant really eat, but I at least try it til the jar is empty.
So the Thai food and Skippy will be a challenge for me.

So isn’t that a challenge for anyone more than me in here ?
To never choose food for like say a month (for me 42 days). You must find someone else who decide for you and as it is for me, a person who do not know you.
Or ask a random person what they will have for lunch that day and cook the same.

Then when I come home I rather call my doctor again and hopefully get some sun therapy or what ever, because I wanna be able to think and not be in a lot of pain from October til April. But last time the doctor say there wasn’t a cure for my health problems.

My best challenge til today was when I lived 1 week as a homeless in French (September is beginning to get cold there). First days was the worst, then I as always felt free. It wasn’t meant to be that way. Long story.