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dr. hamsa # Posted on January 23, 2013 at 12:50 am

Hey all, I’m new here as well. I have posted a few things here and there in the past day or so and realized It is about time I introduced myself to all you lovelies. I’ve stumbled past this part of internet many a time in a haze and always found comfort and inspiration. This time I decided to make it my home. My name is art, I’m twenty-three year old dude from Boston. I’m a seeker, a star gazer, earth feeler and a philosophy junkie. I try my best to keep my ego suppressed but I don’t let it stress me when I fail. It’s all part of my path, the path I have been one since I asked the question as a child. I’m all about puzzles, I see everything as a huge kaleidoscope jigsaw puzzle, only any piece can fit in with any other piece if it needs to, why should there be only one solution? My goal is to be a tool of enlightenment, not just for myself but for everyone when we are ready. Some of my heroes include carl sagen, carl jung, hunter thompson, bob dylan, the dalai lama and alan watts. I love to talk and share, I hope to get to know all of you and contribute whenever I can. Feel free to message me. Although I’m new here I feel like I have been a part of this all along. Love and peace : )