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Eric # Posted on March 28, 2013 at 12:26 am

This is untitled work of mine. Wrote it up in like 5ish minutes for a friend for her poetry class.

I walk outside and climb inside my mind,
Thoughts dipped in the inkwell of the night sky.
Trapped inside my mind I begin to breathe.
I feel my essence leave my body and enter my soul,
Expanding into infinity,
Grasping the whole.
Words cannot describe,
for they are inert.
Try to describe the color blue;
it won’t even work.
Strange this thing is,
we love to call life.
We all think we’re separate,
but together we work as one process.
Some think it’s a mess, how we ended up here.
But when I feel the Universe,
it all becomes clear.
As I drive down the road of life
I wonder which way to steer.
Am I even behind the wheel
or are we all driving in the rear?
Sometimes I feel like a slave to money
and dream of a free way to live.
I would give everything for it,
to live in a forest,
broken away from everything usual to today,
It may seem unusual the way I think,
to some-
But so is to me
the way we drink
to forget our problems
while walking past a bum.
On the cold streets some lay in defeat
as we walk so discreet
and never stop our own feet
to speak
to lift another person up,
it’s fucked up,
We suck up to teachers,
Listen to preachers,
Without a hint of skepticism.
I dream of the world my heart tells me is possible while I am stuck in this prison.