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darryl # Posted on March 28, 2013 at 12:48 am

Greeeaaat poems people. Beautiful!! Mad me dig this one out I wrote like11 years ago…..

Today I

Today I gave up the pursuit of perfection
Along with it all illusions and deception
Instead I strove with desire and zeal
For everything true, just and real
Hanging on to only the dreams that can be
I gave only what was best of me

Today I realized that life is beautiful
Riven in a challenge that is both exciting and unpredictable
With every twist and turn it leads somewhere
Every minute, taking us nearer there
So from my destiny I refuse to hide
But will enjoy the journey and relish the ride

Today I saw in everyone their beauty
In everything, just look and you’ll see
Not seeking what you’re seeking
Lest you miss their special something
So I’ll remove my blinkers as I walk around
Or I’ll never know what I may have found

Today I decided not to apologize for who I am
For I’m just like the other, trying to be what I can
Because life is not marked like some big test
There is no bonus for being better than the rest
So just to do, trust, feel and be
Is real and just, and good enough for me

Today I know, what I’ll do today
I’ll live it, my own special way
And I won’t let it pass just as another
As I shall treasure it like any other
To be myself I’ll never have to pretend
For then I will be happy, till the very end