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niknak_pattywac # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 7:03 pm

Letter From a Fatherless Daughter
A fatherless daughter
You’ve heard of our kind right
We’re the statistics
Once so innocent
so curious
slithering sweet whispers from a man can turn a fatherless young girl into a promiscuous young women
Never knowing what real love from a man is like
can cause a young girl to go searching
Most of the time in all the wrong places
Fatherless daughters lose their virginities early
Become young mothers
Lowering ourselves just to feel love from any and every man
Never knowing our worth
We allow men to lie there way into our hearts
and when they are done they leave us broken
All we want is be held
to be told we are special
that we are beautiful
I know because I’m one of those lost souls
I use to think of myself as less then nothing
i despised the hideous person that stared back at me in the mirror
I never thought anyone would ever love me
Shit i didn’t even love myself
Never thinking i deserved love
I thought maybe if i pretended
acted like i had some confidence
i would get attention..and i did
I got all the attention, but all attention isn’t good
I still went home feeling like shit
head hung low
I knew the attention i was getting wasn’t real
it wasn’t ginuwine
but that didn’t stop me from wanting it
If i had the opportunity to look HIM in the eyes
what would i say
would i curse HIM out
yell or scream
I would look at HIM in the eye and say
You fucked up
You missed out on knowing an amazing person
A beautiful person
Im not gonna allow the cloudy memory of you
to rain over my life
I’ve had to fall down, and dragged through the dirt
only to get back up and realize im so much stronger then that
I am worth so much more
I am beautiful
I am special
and most important I love myself
Fatherless daughters are not perfect
we have made mistake
bad decisions
but we are strong
there comes a time when you have to stop making excuses.
It takes a man to help raise a strong women, and unfortunately we got stuck with the weak ones
But that does not define your life
Fatherless daughters it time
Stand up
Be strong
Respect Your bodies
And love yourself