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Ayat # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 10:18 pm

Why don’t you specify the things I cant realize on frank circumstances; take my hand in allegro ballet chances:
you come on heels to me with your batterie’s as if to impress on me the values of the body’s contorted variants.
but as far as i can see youre nothing that i can be, so compare me to the cost of hard won legitimacy beat against your chest; have a wicker woven nest.
saccharine keeps in your eyes, colour value with lusts beyond you; so you can hold it to a definition of trust. just a light against gowns, to see the folds of your kindness dwell in the shadows of doubt.
gangrene with unrealized wishes and acts untold before a false audience.
would you seek glamour in-amongst lost desires for fame and beauty; left you behind in the dusk of crossed arms.
it is but a chase, this cut of half truths escaped over the embankment’s; holding you back.
tracing erased tracks en shouldering faille; fallow fiend, pirouette over me.
return to bras au repos in your own way of grace, in that way i can appreciate those scenes before me; almost touching rounded arms to delicately spread fingers.
these figures dance en avant glide before reversing their stride, sissonne to the floor and perch like a flamingo.
so lets bring out thoughts into a waltz before turning out the legs rotation from steady hips to a fault.