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Ayat # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 10:36 pm

changing thought locations, blistering from precision come tomorrow till then; ill be watching still round the bend.
sought courage as if it was important.
just filament for social character, go churn somebody up and spit them out in the gutter if you’re hung higher than your feet can reach.
just shadows on the beachsand for gulls and umbrellas to bathe in the luxury of outstretched hands.
gray curdled waves overturned in the sky pulling sheets of rain across oblique roads; shimmering and cold from the crosshairs of the night.
spare condensation for heat. and catch whispers scrawled in your memory of past-times and opinions of others.
belittled murmurs under duvets and covers, come collect whats discovered if not, heres another.
hold rhine in your hands, clandestine from the path. ready, contorted, detract, from the tears in your fuselage of thought amongst grown desire.
the adult world’s a bore, send my ship from the shore; into entropy evermore.
try draw compassion from concrete, however vain it is to hope that i can still steal a drain for your thoughts. or some rope to burn.
a snail on the razors edge, beading sweat, stilling unknown fears from this life and its gears evermore not too clear.
demented the time of eternity grasping oxygen while the mind collects silt at the bottom of its reservoirs. for no reason am i mine than to sit passing time fighting the influence of gravity on my frame, come to blame i remain.