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Ayat # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 10:56 pm

For me to begin to describe this feeling commonly interpreted under the umbrella term of ‘love’, i must first describe my experiences with something called ‘comparative thought’.
throughout human history comparisons have been made to delineate a perceived (and tangible) ‘truth’ from falsehood: Life, Death, Good, Bad…
what is interesting in these comparisons is the similarities inherent in both.
for example; is love only love in the presence of hate? is it the same with life and death? right and wrong?
surely there is a very special interaction here that is being overlooked. in my understanding it is that these comparisons have created an extreme division in a singular feeling or experience. with no middleground between the two they cancel each other out, leaving the viewer in a state of disbelief rather than understanding.
i can however appreciate the purpose and literary beauty of such comparisons but in my mind love and hate are essentially the same thing pushed to an extremity beyond essence.
now that i have established where i am coming from in this respect, i can begin to discern my experience with this highly ambiguous term.

i experience constant fascination with all the things around and within me, and therefore am experiencing a variety of emotions which leave me feeling overwhelmed at times. but what i understand as ‘love’ is simply when i see a truth in something or someone.
as a child i thought that we lived in a snowglobe-like world and that the stars were airholes poked through its outer surface so that we could breathe. that was one of my truths that ive held onto despite knowing what stars really are (from what people and books keep telling me anyway.) all i know is that i will never really know anything.
it is in this attitude that makes the ‘truths’ i find in the world all the more magical.
my more intimate experiences were firstly through the understanding that there was another person pushing through to me and wanting nothing more than to be in this moment together. i would trace facial features with my fingers and try to take in as much as i could from them so i wouldn’t forget what we felt. it is in the recognition that another person is before you (in one way or another) that a feeling of unification is achieved. ive not experienced this more than twice, but each time it was different and at one point pure.
the truths we experience and try to relate to each other are only seen when people recognize themselves in others.
yet i am a product of everything outside of me, and can perceive a great beauty in all things.
i think that to question the concept of love is (in one way) to experience love.