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Zachrie # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 2:52 pm

I used to think that I had nothing to say
Nothing to write
I felt alone and stayed up all night
No spark to ignite
Afraid of any challenge in sight

I kinda just sat there
Literally just sat there
Sometimes I spoke to myself
I spoke to myself but I don’t think I was really listening
Weird huh?

I used to think nothing was my thing
I would just look and observe
Get on nobodys nerve
Just please and serve

There would be times were I would think I made progress
It would last for a while
Then I’d loose myself
Again, and again
And again

That’s how I made a living
Procrastination was my secret lover

No, don’t go!
Please wait, there’s more
Cause that was before

This is now
Everybody say hi to now

Now I’m applying for a new job
Lets see…

Oh I know!

I’m gonna be the architect of my own life!
I’ll tell myself whats wrong or right

Lets see…

Oh I know!

My mouth is my pencil
My words move it
My thoughts make up the stencil
My actions improve it

Man, this is easy

Instead of being down Imma smile
Instead of smoking Imma run a mile
I’ll look up to the sky and let my mind stay for a while

– Hey clouds, whatcha guys doin’?
– Oh, not much we just float and keep on movin’

Woah, what if it’s that’s simple?
Let’s see…

That man has no left arm but he’s still smiling
That girl has nothing to keep warm but she’s not crying
That boy is hungry but I hear no whining
They all know the sun is still shining

I’m definitely getting this job
Actually seems like I already got it

And this time I wont loose it
This time
Oh this time
This time I’m holding on
Cause there’s nothing that can make me stall or fall
This is my call
It’s only up from here baby
Up, up, up and away

By the way
No this is not for you
This is for me
You go make up your own life
Just keep your mind open
And you’ll see

Everyones got a story to tell
The only listener you need is yourself

Yes, I was stoned when I wrote this.