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Albatross # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 11:07 pm

Whoa! Did you smoke one the size of a telephone pole by chance? :D

Reminds me of a time I was smoking out with some friends at work, over by a treeline. When the bowl got to me I was crouching down while taking a big hit, I held my breath, stood up, and lost consciousness for a split second! Enough for me to fall backwards off a little ledge and look like a jackass! It was funny and embarrassing.

The other three people were like “what the fuck just happened?”

I did that one other time on my back porch, I was drunk, just got home from the bar and went out back to smoke a quick bowl before bed, again, I was crouching down when I hit it, stood up and blew out the smoke and next thing I know I was coming too on the ground, I was blind for about 15 seconds and once I got my consciousness back all the flower pots and stuff were knocked over, my bowl and the weed that was in it were on the ground. 0_o The only thing missing was a chalk outline of my body where I hit :D haha.

I quit smoking weed about a decade ago, still smoke every now and then, but I still remember both of those pass-outs very clearly. Don’t take a huge hit squatting down, stand up real fast and blow out the smoke on purpose unless you’re brave!

Lol, it’s kind of like having a friend make you pass out. Wiiieeerdd!