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vishnu # Posted on June 5, 2012 at 11:12 am

ever since i read Jordan’s new post today i’ve been connecting everything around me with what he talked about – community. and that in part made me reminisce about the really meaningful relationships i had a few years back. i never get stuck on one flow of thoughts but today was different and i just couldn’t shake off all those memories from school of my friends. when i realised that i never made friends like that again and how much i missed having a real genuine connection with anyone, it made me even more sad.

one person i can rely on? i dunno, maybe i hide behind layer after protective layer that i’ve made for myself cuz i’m afraid i aint that likeable a person if i bare it all to someone, but i dont have a person in my life who i am completely open with. in a way no one has any clue of who i really am, and to think that makes me feel really really alone in this world.

the full moon kind of helped my state today, and i tried taking a lot of pics in the moonlight. enjoy the moon everyone :)