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VIII # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 9:02 pm

@groddan, for the past two months i’ve been living with someone who i’m very close with. the other day i had to sleep without her and it caused me to fear very childish things right before going to bed.
another time i was out with my friend tripping at night, and we didn’t have flashlights. we were near a mental institution and a lower-income area of the city so two legitimate concerns for our safety were present. in that darkness i was held back a bit – i didn’t walk a normal pace, i was very cautious and on the verge of running away like you had mentioned.

i guess what cured both cases (as i was able to sleep that night, and the night tripping turned into a liberating experience) is the letting go of fear as opposed to the facing it. i mean, i HAD to face it, even running away would have been facing the fact that i had a fear. in those situations i think we fear death, and fearing death is a terrible thing. why? dmt.

if dmt is released when we’re born, when we dream, and when we die – naturally in our brains – and doing a synthetic version of the drug creates a sense of beauty and purpose to life; then dying should be anxiously anticipated. maybe your brain made you all share an auditory hallucination so that you could respect the possibility that death was upon you. whenever i let go of my fear of death, i live. at least, it hasn’t failed me yet.