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Adam Smith # Posted on August 8, 2012 at 9:53 pm

I dunno dude… it’s an unholy endeavor trying to explain it in words. LSD can explain it to you, or a fistful of mushrooms. I’d say trust me, but that’s not the scientific way is it? Hah. Really though, we are like cups of water out of the ocean of consciousness. When we die, it’s likely that we are recycled just as all other things in nature are recycled. I don’t know about Nirvana or Heaven, or any of that stuff, but rebirth does make lots of sense to me.

What we call our personality is really just the sum total of all of our experiences and conversations. We are who we associate ourselves with, basically. Take away all of your memories, your interactions with friends and family, your experiences with food, color, sound, etc… Who are you? Why you’re me! :) (Read that out loud for better effect)