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BradyW # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 9:46 am

Hello friends, I know this may be a bit much to read but if you have a few spare minutes I beg of you to read this and please leave your opinions. I just awoke no more than 2 hours ago from the dream I am about to explain, here it goes….it started out with me in the UK (United kingdom), a country I have never been to but have had the urge to visit almost all my life. In this dream I was not with anybody I knew but was walking around at a house party with a bunch of strangers. Some of these people I did not speak with and others I did, all who were very friendly. A lot of little things happened from the start of my dream at the party to the point I will soon be getting to, most of which did not seem to make a whole lot of sense. Now, for the first time ever in my life I actually realized I was dreaming. I had gone around to many of the people at this party and asked them if I was indeed dreamimg, just to make sure. They all replied with a smile and said “yes”, they also seemed very surprised that I knew what was going on. After some time of mingling with the crowd and anxiously feeling like I was in search of something, I found myself in some sort of very large warehouse not far from the party. This wasn’t the typical dirty warehouse you would picture in your mind but instead had white floors, white walls, and a white ceiling. It was also surprisingly immaculate, not a spec of dirt anywhere. I then found my self sprinting like a mad man through the building until I finally reached the other side. I came apon a small dining type room that was fully furnished with painted walls, lights, a kitchen table with two chairs. When I entered the room I noticed a slighty older women sitting in one of the chairs so I took a seat in the other one right across from her. Immediately another women who seemed to be my age entered the room and sat down on my lap. I then felt a sensation of relief and me and this women stared into eachothers eyes for some time like we were madly in love. After what seemed to be a few moments the lady across from us got our attention, looked and the women on my lap, and very gently said to her “he’s the one” while nodding her head “yes”. When this happened I felt an immense rush of butterflies throughout my whole body like I’ve never felt before. We then grabbed eachother tightly with a very affectionate hug and I told her I just wanted to sit and hold her because I knew the moment would not last (already being consciously aware I was in a dream). She then jotted down some information. ..a telephone number, adress, or something of the sort but it seemed to be very scrambled and hard to make out. Like I thought the moment unfortunately slipped away right before my eyes. I then fojnd myself in a vehicle, racing down a road, frantically searching for this women before I awoke. After a moment or two of searching with no success I awakened and was back in reality. I have personally never felt such a deep love for ANYONE in my life before and the feeling was lingering for quite some time, even in my awakened state. Now I know this may seem rediculous and corny to whoever reads this but I strongly hope and believe this was a sign of something good to come. My ultimate dream would be to meet this women in real life someday, if she’s out there, and make her mine. I am only 21 years old and have never really had a girlfriend or been in love before, but I can assure you the feeling I had was love at first sight. If you took your time to read this whole thing I would like yo thank you for your time! If you have any opinions, comments, or any information on the meaning of this dream please feel free to share on this page or you can contact me at [email protected] it would be much appreciated!