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Anonymous # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 9:17 pm

@qwuakeup, Perfectly understood you have it.

The only thing that ‘exists’ is matter and energy. There are density changes in each, and the farthest I would go is entropy also exists, which is just a flux of densities, really.

Beyond that – everything we perceive is simply a creation, an image, an idea fabricated by neurons. Without our consciousness, all that simply exists is little particles of matter carrying energy, randomly, chaotically, following some basicaly physical principles. A molecule is just a specific density of atoms with a certain amount of energy – nothing more. All else is constructs of the imagination, used in order to create an experience – Why?

To ask why would imply there is meaning, which also seems to be a construct of our consciousness. So really – all there is, just … is.