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Deepak # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 11:15 pm

We can know through our subjective existence. Its like we are in a perception bubble, and the entire of reality exists in our perception. I have no idea if other people even exist in the same way as I do. As some thinkers have commented, we could be the only conscious being alive in a simulation environment. I read somewhere that the authority that priests/clergy had in ancient times at Europe is replaced today by scientific literature and dogma (for the rational populace). We need to investigate the raw reality for ourselves.

I used to be confused about questions like: Is everything one or separate? Is the universe ultimately in order, chaos OR perfectly balanced between the two? Am I everything or am I nothing?

As I thought about these questions and saw some videos about it (by scott kiloby), I can see that they are just concepts or kinds of mental images. If I look from the point of view of finding separation: I find it by harnessing by critical thinking and divisive thinking faculties. If I try to see how things are interconnected: I can see it everywhere and get the feeling that everything is one. If I am looking for chaos intensely, I can see it everywhere. If I am looking for order, then everything seems to look ordered. Its like all of these are true and they are dependent on view points.

Its like our real self/truth is completely transcendent and beyond all viewpoints.
I would love to hear other opinions.