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yoinkie # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 10:41 am

@peractopaulo, Is this hiking close to the Camino de Santiago hike? I know that is in the north of spain, but not sure if it too goes through the pyrenees mountain range. I am doing the Camino in July with my Sister, cousin and his friend, over a 28 day period. As far as the vow of silence, I cant say dont do it, but I could suggest reasons to do otherwise; You will undoubtedely cross path with a whole variety of different people doing the same trek as you are. People from all over the world, with all different stories and reasons for doing the journey. The stories they have would be utterly fascinating, once in a liftetime experiences of meeting such people(most of us dont get to meet people from all over the world on a day to day occasion, especially ones on spritual journeys). They may have questions for your answers, or answers for your questions, or maybe neither, rather just provide one hell of a time. I feel like you would be doing yourself a diservice of taking a vow of silence and just keeping to your head through all of that. You have an oppurtunity to learn so much from so many. You could still take hours out each day to walk alone and be silent, as well as sit alone to meditate or what not. But to do the entire journey in silence without the chance of hearing these stories might not give you as much as the latter would.

Of course this is just a suggestion, and you should do what your heart tells you is the best for you right now. One of the main reasons I am doing the Camino is because of my friend who did it two years ago. He told me such stories of the people he met, the adventures he had with them. He did the entire trek alone, but he said he spent days walking and camping with strangers, and by the end of it all he had dozens of new friends, many who he still keeps in touch with. Good luck on your quest, I hope you find what it is you are looking for.