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nebula # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 6:24 pm

@smalls is right, what was the story with this “play” fight? Was it just mucking around with a mate or was it more serious then that (you sound like it may have been more serious). If it was definitely just play then don’t worry about it. I have 5 years of Shaolin Kung Fu training under my belt and I would never use any of my serious techniques in a play fight against mates as they are designed to hurt and/or kill people. Also in a play fight you can’t even defend at full pace (let alone attack) because your hard blocking might hurt your untrained friend. Combine this with the fact that an untrained person will come at you harder because they don’t have any of these things circulating in their head and you have a very good reason as to why you felt like you lost the play fight.
But just train harder anyway!