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Mr. Arbiter # Posted on August 11, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Sometimes the universe tries to tell me things I think. Omens, synchronicity, coincidence, call it what you will. But most recently, this phenomenon led me to watch the movie Donnie Darko for some reason. I finished it and was like wtf (the ending was mad confusing).

Last night I had a dream that wasn’t really a dream, but rather more time to think. I spent all my dream time trying to think through the plot of the movie and come up with logical explanations to everything that happened. I woke up right when I figured it all out. It felt like an epiphany of sorts. Then, instead of writing it down I decided to go back to bed and write it down later. But I later forgot it.

Anyway, I suddenly had this terrifying feeling that some entity or sentient being was in my room right beside my bed looking at me. I was too scared to look around for a while, but finally did. I didn’t actually see anything, but I had a very scary feeling that there was still something in my room looking at me. Eventually I bundled up tight in my blankets and drifted off. I then had this dream that a girl I once knew of became my girlfriend, and we were all touchy feely and kissing and whatnot. I woke up not thinking much of it. I went back to bed, and the same dream about the girl seemed to continue. The relationship progressed and then we were about to have sex and I was like, “stop! we need a condom! I’m not making that mistake again.” And she was like, “alright…”. Then I woke up.

I had a strange feeling about these dreams, because I’ve never dreamed the same thing twice, and I’ve never continued the same dream after falling back asleep. So I looked this girl up, and apparently shes about to start her freshman year at MY COLLEGE! weird…