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backcase # Posted on March 27, 2013 at 8:59 am

@taoisman, I actually love the Tao, but I find that many Taoists do not understand it full.

I say the word “God” because it is easier for people to understand.
This is not an argument about anything like that but I do not believe that any word is good enough to talk about God, rather, God is understood by what God is not.

“What confuses me is when people tell other people to repent when they know nothing of what they’ve done or what their life has been like.”

Well until we return to God fully with our souls then we are always distant from Him at the moment were in, and to return to Him is to accept the moment, the past, the future, the world and ourselves. Even the most spiritual person practices this concept.

“Why do you have to repent because you don’t believe in the same definition of the word “God” as a couple other people? The word amounts to the same things you hold holy.”

Words cannot hold infinity, but they hold the spirit intended for those who’s hearts are soft.