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Nightowl # Posted on August 8, 2012 at 9:57 pm

“…but there’s always gonna be that one person that has to fuck it up for everybody lol”
Is there? Another prediction you can’t make.
Dramatic example, but if you woke up to find yourself in a world of Buddhas, would you be that one dude? It wouldn’t be easy, even if you tried.

For those who think human nature isn’t improving: I’ll remind you that had you and your friends lived just a cosmic moment ago, you would have killed each other upon meeting in the woods.

For those who think human nature isn’t improving exponentially quickly: LOOK AND SEE

There is a huge love revolution afoot and it is spreading worldwide faster than could a virus thanks to the new elements of these times that have never been here before – unparalleled connectivity. Love has gained gargantuan momentum & increases exponentially as it becomes the context of more and more people’s lives, and only the wiping-out of the populace could stop it, which is a fear that only the blind or deluded cling to.