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SinD Rae # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 9:15 pm

@martijn, @blankey, I’m really enjoying this thread. I agree that whatever change that takes place is going to be a responsibility of the individual. Many people however keep running into the social paradigm that it is not possible or “human nature” to help or give to others without a profit. The whole idea is seen as too ideal.

My question is for you and anybody else, have you read anything by Mark Boyle and what do you think of this? He gives an interesting idea that is backed up by some smaller examples through working communes and even internet websites. Basically the only incentive needed is to change perspective from me me me is to see me as incorporating your community: which he emphasizes that it can only be a small amount of people, give or take 150. In turn, helping your community is helping yourself, but on a smaller scale then our global economy. He calls it the gift economy, but I think it would only work in a non-monetary system.
What do you think about the monetary economic system, can we live without it?
Also how could you deflect from these small groups turning against each other?