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bigmac22 # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 10:07 pm

@araeya09, i have had that same idea actually. it was interesting how it came about. i was listening to a couple buddies of mine discuss what the economy of Heaven would look like (we are religious, if you aren’t or anyone else, no biggie) and it got me thinking. the trouble is, we live in an economy of give and take, and you have 500 people taking from one guy in order to build a home for the one guy, and he’s left destitute and in debt, poorer than a bum on the street in all reality. i imagine the economy of heaven, or rather just the ideal economy being one that doesn’t have money, where its a give and receive. 500 people get together and give a guy a house. in turn, he gives his skills and time to however many hundreds or thousands of people, and everyone ends up wealthy.

the reason people think its “too ideal” is because in order for this to work, people would have to overcome selfishness, and learn how to give to people that most likely can’t do anything for them in return. its a system that depends on people’s ability to love each other. the trouble with that is social media, sometimes experience, and just general observation teaches us not to trust each other, let alone love each other. thats why the economy is going to collapse and basically WW3 will happen before people change the way they think. sad, but i don’t see it happening otherwise.