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cheeky # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 5:58 pm


“Why would builders of today want to use big-ass stone slabs? That’s just “barbaric” and not very aesthetic or modern-looking, not to mention that it’s highly impractical.
Imagine how long it would take to install electrics and plumbing and internet/phone lines and shit in a solid rock. And how tricky and time-consuming it would be to create nice aesthetic facade with it. And how short the supply of big-ass stones is, compared to concrete, iron, and so on.”

Why would they use these massive slabs back then? It was definitely not the easiest thing to do for them to do. Do you believe they woke up and said ” lets go down to the quarry, dig out and cut down the biggest ass block we can find and make a structure with it?” With our current knowledge of these projects, IMHO, the current research simply does not add up. From what I have read, the Greeks/Lebanese built on top of these rocks, they didn’t even know their origins.

The understanding of other universal energies that my have helped ancient civilizations achieve their objectives are not in anyway far fetched. Current civilization has been made lazy with technology, myself included. Who’s to say these civilizations were not onto an even better technology than what we currently have? Many ancient civilizations thrived investigating other states of consciousness revealing cosmic knowledge that current civilization has yet to discover.

No matter the method of construction used, I’d like to see how it was accomplished.