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Manimal # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 8:02 am

“Why would they use these massive slabs back then? It was definitely not the easiest thing to do for them to do.” @cheeky

Easy? No. But it was new, it was impressive, it was a challenge. Now it’s already been done, so it would just be a waste of energy. Just like artists today don’t make Mona Lisa, because while it is indeed a wonderful painting, it’s already been done.
Egypt, south Europe and the middle east were run by masons and hermetics in the olden days, and their amibition is to carry out “the great work,” if they would just keep shaping things today in the same way they did back then, they wouldn’t be carrying out “the great work.”

And for the purpose of their project, massive stones were probably the easiest medium.

If those civilizations had better technology, there would still be remains of such things being dug up. And how do you explain that those things are not around today, considering how useful they were, how could they just stop being made? Hmm?
And how do you explain that these civilizations were wiped out, if they had such superior equipment?

“Many ancient civilizations thrived investigating other states of consciousness revealing cosmic knowledge that current civilization has yet to discover. ” @cheeky

That’s fallacious. The knowledge wasn’t lost, it’s still known and practiced by current civilization. Current civilization probably even knows a lot more than they did, having had time to build upon the knowledge.
You’re confusing the masses with civilization. The masses don’t know shit, the masses have been made lazy, the masses can’t access other states of consciousness, etc. But the people who actually make up civilization do, just like it was back then.

What you fail to understand is that “normal” people are to present civilization what camels, oxen, elephants and slaves were to the ancient civilizations. “Normal people” are just livestock to our civilization, nothing more. They don’t make or shape civilization, they’re just a tool for the people who do. A tool requires no knowledge, it’s just a tool.

Speaking of elephants, it is not unlikely that the ancient Egyptians used elephants to pull the massive stones. Elephants are very heavy and very strong, using a herd of elephants they could pull rocks like that. Whether they did or not, I don’t think anybody knows. But, like I said, there are many possible explanations to how they went about it if you just look around a bit.

I agree though, that it would be very nice to see how they accomplished it.
Even more interesting would be the sphinx. How did they even get it there? The surface has been very eroded by rain, it very rarely rains in Egypt, and nothing in the surrounding is eroded like that. From what I’ve read, this erosion is estimated to have taken place thousands of years before the Egyptians built their other impressive structures.