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cheeky # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm

“And for the purpose of their project, massive stones were probably the easiest medium.” @manimal

again, you are saying this is “easiest medium”. Just so you realize the magnitude of your guess (a reasonable guess btw), elephants can pull around 1200 lbs. We’ll call it 1 ton for easy math (2000 lbs)

Block = 1200 tons = MINIMUM of 1200 elephants. Herding this many elephants?? Very doubtful, although I agree there is obviously an explanation because it happened.

Not to bring up old shit, but i missed this comment:

“A crude pyramid shaped building is neither aesthetic nor practical.”

What we know: Pyramids were constructed because they are the largest conductors of cosmic energy. Research has shown, at the EXACT dimensions, this energy is used to stop decay (Pharaoh burials) and produce cosmic energy to increase meditational power. Back to what I was saying about knowledge being lost…. this knowledge has been deemed non important, and is all but lost, to current culture and may hold the answers to how and why these creations were conceived and constructed. This ‘new age” interest spreading like wildfire is digging up past cultural remnants because modern science is lacking explanations.

Regarding the Sphynx, I heard the blocks came from several hundred miles away. Another complete mystery.

All I am saying is that we don’t have all the answers and need to remain open to every possible fork of knowledge, especially those revered by our ancient ancestors. It would appear our survival may depend on it.