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Josh # Posted on March 27, 2013 at 10:32 am

@rockstar204, funny you mention television because I have dramatically but back on it myself. I watch movies with my girl sometimes but if she has the tv on I’m reading. I have come to despise 99% of television because its all mindless bull shit with reality tv and infomercials and insanely stupid mind numbing commercials.

Sacrificing that has allowed to more time to read which I have learned a lot from. It’s also given me time to work on my cookbook I’m writing and work on my drawing skills as well.

I have also drastically cut back on my drinking which has been amazing because I used to get terrible heart burn and hangovers. So with cutting back there and changing my diet I feel great.

I also wake up early, not 4am early but 6am and I don’t have to start work til 8 but it allows me to have my fruit smoothie and tea in the morning and do a morning walk. It’s great.

Definitely sacrificing those things made me realize how much better life is when you get away from the things most of society is doing daily. Keep making sacrifices and you will see those things were useless in your life. While before it seemed you couldn’t live without them.