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ross # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 4:05 pm

I like to look at our perception and the multidimensional aspect of our existance as a radio. For which all dimensions have their own vibrational frequency. Just like when you turn the radio to 96.3 to hear(expience) your favorite station you can tune your brain to experience different dimensions. Relating to dmt if you study about the pineal gland and its function theres alot to do with a electromagnetic force field that is activated round the pineal gland(which synthesizes melatonin into dmt) and allows only the highest frequency to be expierence this is where time becomes non local and not expierienced. Also in terms of vibrational density if you look at the waves of at the bottom of the spectrum they are very long seperated and slower then the faster and higher it goes the less amount of space between the waves for which i believe on earth we experience matter because of how slow we are moving when you zoom out to a galaxy things are moving much much faster and i believe the perception of matter at the speeds changes. Just my thoughts though ha