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Ray Butler # Posted on January 25, 2013 at 12:39 am

I used to get night terrors, I haven’t had one in years but they may not be gone completely.
There was this time on a rollercoaster that goes up side down, it suspends for about 30 seconds and you just hang, I was a bit too small to be on it and I felt like the harness could not hold me.
For years I would hear a knocking sound in my ceiling and it would work its way toward me, this would be explainable if it were only ever in the one house, but everywhere we moved, and we moved quite a lot, that sound would return. I still hear it occasionally nowadays.
This one time I was crossing the railroad, I’d wait for the train I got off to leave and cross as soon as it passed, but this time there was an express train coming from the other direction. I had to run across quickly and I shudder to think how close it was, but then I had a dream that it actually hit me and I seen what death was like. It’s not so bad, nothing to freak out about :)