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Anonymous # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 7:47 am

Here comes your local HE aura lady with all things random on auras!

@usernamher, I’m quite sure you’re starting to see auras. Every object – living or not – gives off an aura. Depending on the “strength” of an object, the larger the aura. Congrats! You’re not going crazy, you’re just seeing a world integrated in ours that has been blind to for a very, very long time. As with what @themorgant said, this also plays in affect, but from my experience I was FAR from fucking “enlightened” consciously, so to speak, when I started to see them. Hahahaha. However, the more spiritually aware a person is, or in tuned they are with their consciousness, the larger and brighter their auras. Of course, they range in colour. Over time, the more you see them the more colour you’ll perceive.

@cosmicplur, How long have you seen them? It’s exciting, isn’t it? An excellent place to balance out your energy and work on your focus is to sit and relax in a tree and observe a trees aura (green is healing ;]). I know it’s silly, but it helps me. Sometimes it become draining, because you’re literally feeling out someones energy with your own. If that makes any sense.