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Shredder # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 5:32 pm

@pikachu, You should really start enjoying your life more, because from the sounds of it you get everything you want, WHEN you want it. What more could you ask for? You wouldn’t like it very much if you decided you wanted something and then found out you COULDN’T have it.

You want to be more productive and embody habits that will improve yourself which is a great idea. Your dilemma is common, as is your question, and the answer is simple: When you want to stop eating enough(exercise properly, etc.), you will; you just don’t want it enough, as your actions prove because no one is stopping you from following your desires.

No one can steer your will but you, but just realize like Deepak was saying that you should feel good about whatever it is you do because you’re getting what it is you desire.

Also, what Deepak was saying in his alcohol example is besides enjoying satiating your desires as they come, LEARN FROM THEM! Wisdom comes from paying attention to your experience, and the self mastery you wish for comes from using the wisdom.(Now you know not to run so much and do so many pushups if you would like to not be so sore).