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Prittii # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 3:01 am

@pikachu, Most people are like that! Even more with music!

The problem is that you don’t get in problem if you, for example, don’t finish one of your programing projects.

Believe me, when something become a obligation, such as one of this programs, you will finish it! So one solution is trying to sell the project before it’s ready, for example! Then when your costumer is pushing you the whole time to get it done, I’m sure you will do it!

I have a friend that is a model. She always had problem to lose weight while she was in her home country. We have to agree: having a discipline to stop eating and exercising is really hard when you will actually not get any trouble for doing so!

Then she’s got a 2 months contract in an agency in China. When she got there and the agency saw her overweight, they told her she would have to stay home, so she wasn’t allowed to get jobs or go casting if she didn’t lose 8 kgs. She struggled so much at home to lose 1 kg… In China she lost 8 kgs in 10 days! This is one example how the power of pressure make things happen!