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Antonia # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 6:43 am

Hi guys, thanks for flagging this up. I too suffer from a similar “affliction” so it was really interesting to read all of your responses on here.
Myself, I have approached it from 2 different sides. I have started practising KY Yoga, and particular with this lady, Carolyn Cowan: who uses KY Yoga to combat addictive behaviour & negative aspects of addictive personality. Carolyn and subsequently I, myself believe that those who have those traits are passionate, creative, multidimensional personalities who have difficulty dealing with their emotions leading them to act out. So getting to know “the enemy from within”.

On the other end I am coming to terms and accepting this part of myself, and come to know myself as a multipassionate/ multi potential/ renaissance ‘sparkler” or a “scanner” – all different definitions of the same thing really. I have found tons of resources online and plenty of communities of like minded people who are creating a whole lifestyle out of their particular “build” rather than confirming. I feel much more aligned and truer to myself since I have started looking things this way.

@(deepak87) I really liked your take on this. Developing self awareness is definitely important as it helps to understand what the emotional driver is behind the reasoning. Also great comparison on hunter Vs farmer model. This will be my research project for the day haha