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Prittii # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 8:56 am

There are three types of great sex:

1. Passionate: Only when you feel something for the other person. You can use candle light, sexy songs, good atmosphere, romanticism… Do it slow and with a lot of foreplay and petting.

2. Dirty: Get into the room and forget that exist anyone else in this world! Be loud, talk dirty, abuse of positions, sex toys and forget everything about morality and do what you feel like doing! Tip: It’s normally better with who we already know, but If you are shy, get some alcohol before (not too much or you’ll spoil it).

3. Fantasy: casual circumstances that excite you… Normally better with strangers. This can be really good when you have been dreaming for a while! When you are always looking at the sexy body, for example, of your gym mate, and then he/she suddenly approach you for real in the dressing room! Few examples: sex with the secretary (or boss), with the teacher/student, with the plumber, with your hot neighbor, etc. Obs.: Sexual fantasies are normally better when you get it for real… But you can also fake it with costumes, etc!

There are four types of crappy sex:

1. When you are drunk in parties, just to show off to your friends that you slept with someone;
2. Sex with virgins;
3. Sex with someone that is drunk and not really aware what is happening;
4. Routine sex;

Avoid them!