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Manimal # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 1:20 pm


1. Stop thinking about sex, stop thinking about how cool you are for fucking a girl (you’re not, there’s nothing cool about sex,) stop THINKING. Just be PRESENT with the girl, see her, feel her, ENJOY her, LOVE her. This will get her more worked up than you’ve ever seen before, and probably more than she’s ever experienced.
(Also, ditch the porn and masturbation, they make you numb and unable to fully experience a woman.)

2. Don’t be a pussy. Everyone likes rough sex, it’s in human nature. I’m not saying all sex should be rough, that just sucks. But it has its place, and its place is bigger than most think. Fuck her deep and hard, spank her, tell her what you want to do to her. Men are fierce in nature, and women instinctually get off on a man expressing that side of himself. She’s not a ming vase, her pussy is not fragile (that thing can push out a baby) so stop treating her like she’s made of glass.

3. Don’t thrust like they do in porn, except when you’re really ramming her hard. Most of that movement is just unnecessary, and if it’s monotone she won’t get as excited as she could. Try some different angles, depths, rhythms. Form some patterns, and combine them in various ways. But don’t get too immersed in that stuff, keep your focus ON HER. And you don’t need any fancy techniques really, they’re just that little extra, women are more about the feelings and mind-stuff than the technical stuff.

4. Eat the pussy properly, with the enthusiasm of a hungry labrador. Get in there with your whole mouth and go to town. Don’t flick her clit too much, stroke your tongue over it instead, work your whole mouth and suck. The whole area around the cunt is erogenous, try licking here and there.

5. Learn some tantric massage, and use it on your girl. She’ll love it. And while you’re at it, learn semen retention too. That way, you can fuck for hours and really give her a treat.

6. USE THE MIND. Talk to her, dirty or sweet or both, it’s all good. Trigger her imagination, set up different scenarios, role play and stuff. Or just tell her a bunch of romantic stuff. The feminine craves (and gets off on) mental stimulation.

7. Variation is key. Girls get bored without variation. And when she gets bored, she’ll probably get tired of you. And she’ll probably leave you or cheat on you, and that’s not wrong or crazy, it’s natural woman behaviour.

8. Give her real cuddly-wuddly sweet-as-candy super-emotional love sex. Soft and slow, hold her tight, say sweet things to her, lots of kissing, constant eye contact, and make it last loooong.

9. You’re not “getting pussy,” you’re giving the pussy a treat. “Getting pussy” is for lousy horny chode boys, not men.

10. NEVER, EVER, EVER pressure the girl or nag or anything like that. If she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want it.


1. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE INITIATIVE AND TAKE WHAT YOU WANT. If you want sex it’s sexy-time, most guys won’t mind. Get on top, be the active leading partner. If you want oral, you take it, you make him munch you out.
The #1 complaint guys have about girls is that they’re too boring in bed, they just lay there like dead fish most of the time, they don’t take initiative.
At least tell him what you want, he’s not a mindreader.

2. There are many ways to please a dick. Taking it into your body is not the only way. If you really want to get a guy aroused, use your body (and your imagination.) Tits, feet, buttocks, these are all nice places for a pecker.

3. When sucking a dick, know the purpose. Teasing and getting him over the edge are completely different things and call for different methods. When sucking as foreplay, be playful and seductive, do a lot of different stuff, and keep eye contact. When you want to finish him off just suck hard, move fast and focus on the knob head. Swallow.
And don’t be too lady like, when you’re giving head go ahead and drool all over that thing because it’s feels MUCH better.

4. Don’t ignore the balls. When you’re actively handling a cock, give the balls some attention too. Don’t be too rough though.

5. DON’T FAKE ANYTHING. That’s just lame, pathetic, and counterproductive. No fake moaning, no fake orgasms. If you don’t like the sex you’re getting, don’t hide that from him.

6. Don’t be afraid to share your turn-ons and quirks, even if they’re weird. Most guys will happily be up for it. And if he doesn’t, it’s not like he’ll stop loving you or think you’re less sexy just because you told something he didn’t like. Nobody’s perfect. Don’t hide who you are or what you want. Be real and self-expressive, it’s super sexy.

7. TALK. Dirty and/or sweet, it’s all good. See if you can get in his mind, challenge him, or just tell him how good he’s making you feel. Tell him what you want to do to him, and what you want him to do to you. Be loud, or whisper in his ear.

8. Take it up the butt. It doesn’t hurt unless you do it wrong, if you do it right you can get some great deep spot stimulation. It feels great for his dick, it’s warmer and tighter. It’s more exciting for both of you because it’s more dirty and a bit “taboo” and because it feels a different way. And it can be a very bonding experience, because you’re doing something like that together.

9. Don’t be too soft on him. He’s a man, he should be able to handle whatever you throw at him. Give him some pain, it’s exciting. Slap him, bite him, pull his hair, bury your fingernails in his back or chest. Call him a fag, a wimp, a pussy. Challenge him and make him prove his worth.
If you want passion and hard sex, this is a surefire way to trigger it.

10. Do some role play or dress up or whatever. One of the most seductive qualities of a woman is that vibrant feminine variation, most women change a lot back and forth, changes her mind, changes her style, has many layers to her personality etc. You can can amplify this by doing said roleplay/dressup/whatever.
And the simple method is perhaps the best: Just embody a certain aspect of your unique personality, whether it’s your mean bitch side or your innocent girl side or your nurturing matriarch side.

Make it fun!