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soulfulbubbles # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 5:27 am


title: I would strangle the rainmaker to give you a sunny day

placed on the splintered edge of a dreaming mind,
I spit and sputtered, like the dying wings of
a dragonfly on a cold cappuccino morning.

She called me in the dark moody blue hue of early morning
as if to steal the broken moon from the attic in my chest.
So early I could hear the creak of spider legs
inching for a place of warmth.

Still in dream logic, she was crying so quietly
Melted spoons for a brain, I could only hear
the groans and pains of
the pet spiders on my ceiling,
their so cute and pissy in the morning.

She muffled “I need help”
I snapped awake as if a reflex to fight a charging train wreck.
This time advice came direct from my dream landscape the truth served dark black
and without the vanilla flavor.
I focus and get in gear “Hey girlie I am here, whats going on?”
An hour goes by a like a cat sneeze on a stormy day.

Again she laughs if I could see her, her smile would be wide tired and tear stained.
I laugh with her, while aching at the corner of my eyes ” well hey try that tomorrow and if it doesn’t work we can brainstorm to try something else. Call me tomorrow my sleepiness is welting my consciousness, I am not much use now except maybe for some mad hatter talk.” A pause she sighs as if pushing of sleep. I wanted just one more smile to be sure” Stand strong if you can survive this hit the sky will clear for you. We’ll strangle the rainmaker if we have to”

parting jokes and the call the ends, my moon back in my chest
content spiders basking in rays of light I can almost hear the hum of the morning sun.

I smile fading with the ceiling tucking me in, I can see her curled up with her stuffed animals half crying half terrified she falls to sleep drooling on her long time best friend
Mr finkers.

Finally the purr of happy spiders lulls be back to sleep.