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Eric # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Not sure what this would be labeled as, but it’s something…
And yes scrame is a word..kind of.

Was flyin round down by the astral plane, a girl who was found down by the castle rain, took her to a cool town where we sat ‘n sang, didn’t even know her name, looked into her eyes and to me they scrame, into my heart, one look and she pulled me apart. She took me down to the ocean now, soft breeze make me start slowin down, breathin in and out, feel it like you’re bleedin out, now your seein now.

Butterflies in the air, just like in your gut, not even a care but to me I’m what? Fuzzy flowers creating the moment, coming down from the gods, and to me I own it. So I broke off that flower, put it in her hair, I gave her the power, and at me she stared. Might as well of been wearin a flair, maybe a couple, and maybe we can be next to the puddle, just forget about your life and the wrongs you’ve done, the vibes were so subtle and at me they run.

Rhythm tent next to me, the way she moved was wreckin me, the way of the mood was let it be, got her number started textin me, after a while we started to move like the nile, 60 miles per hour on the freeway, every moment was sweet, no sour that’s what she say. Now what he say? That’s me, must’ve said something subliminally, cuz she frontin now and never lookin at me….But I guess that’s how it goes, to every start there’s an end to the show.