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ofeliac # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 5:49 pm

I wrote this in response to everything happening in Syria, but really it can be applied to any social impediment.

“How many have to die before we get help?”
I wish I could give her an answer
I wish you could give me an answer
They’re denied their rights
They riot
They die

And for what cause?
It’s another Holocaust

Then there was a target
Then we knew specifically who was in danger
Then it was discrimination
and then annihilation.
Now, it’s devastation across the nation
No limitations
Pure frustration

They need alleviation
We need emancipation

And its not just in Syria
Every part of the globe is aching
Civil unrest and our hearts are breaking
Such a heavy burden to bestow on our Mama Earth
Children in our own neighbourhoods povertized since birth
And what is it all worth?

Deny the man on the street a dollar
A nod
A smile
He walks home bare with nothing to feed his child.
Why do we act that way?
Why do we think it’s okay
to let somebody suffer?

“As long as I’m fine”
We’re selfish
and we don’t care
And while we try to mask it
The rich collect cards
and the poor collect caskets.

It’s how they raised us;
You’re on your own
and only known
by what you own

This control
these unsaid laws
These rules
These flaws
Are what we grow up on

We live this corruption
And suppress the eruption
of humanitarian aggression that we all so desperatrely need to release

‘Cause who needs world peace?
it’s too naive a goal
Something we believe in until we get old
and start to live for ourselves

Something we believe in until we understand what they want from us

Bring us money
Bring us that insensitive, meaningless coin
Bring us that fragile piece of paper that determines your importance

Let us put you in the trance
The trance of finance
Where sustaining the economy is the only “dream” we have

We get rich and disregard the morality of our actions
The only papers that matter are the ones that show our bank transactions

We’re just like them
Prisoners on our own land
But they’ve realized it and request a hand
to pull them out and help them succeed
If only we agreed.