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Lee # Posted on August 10, 2012 at 10:23 am

@danfontaine, I hear ya on that rap/hip hop stuff, imnot into the “fuck bitches get money thug life” shit, honestly the hip hop artists I have been listening to lately are brother Ali, Atmosphere, Astronautalis, Dyme Def, Evidence, and Macklemore, just been going through all their albums and loving it. And deffinitly, I have to agree that Slug is one of the greatest hip hop poets out there, hes the man that got me into hip hop, but it kinda blows because nobody comes close to him. Brother Ali’s new album should be tight, i enjoyed the song he released “Stop the Press”, thought him working with Jake One as opposed to Ant from Atmosphere was good for him, gave him a new sound while still keeping on those important topics and meaningful messages in his songs/albums.

Really if you havent listened to macklemore & Ryan Lewis I would give him a chance, kinda the same type of instrumental sound as Brother Ali in that he features a lot of horns, piano, solo vocalists, and also talks about things in society that I believe are important, new song he dropped for his album coming out is called “Same Love”, touching on same sex marriage. seems like a great composer and lyracist, does a good job at getting the crowd’s going too at shows. Other songs to check out are Victory Lap, Cant Hold Us, Make the Money, or The Town. Give the dude a chance and hear out some of his songs,