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jjj # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 12:04 pm

@albinomongoose, for real man. I’m pretty much the same age etc. It’s tough. I actually let myself cum today not even gunna lie. I had a couple signs and really felt it, so just went with it.
It’s easy to beat yourself up about the tiniest little slip up but (now, with a little HINDSIGHT) I think it’s actually a big part of the learning process. Also, it says quite a lot in the book that it’s cool, ejaculate every now and again. You still reap amazing benefits. Which is something I sort of ignored, greedily. So yeah, I think until you have mastered the whole thing, from moving the energy, knowing where is cool to store it, countering and balancing the yin/yang, it’s probably not wise to just keep bottling up more crazy energy inside.
I reckon taking it slow is the way forward. Give yourself credit for finding one of the most fundamentally awesome secrets of existence and keep it gradual!

If you wanna hear some of my ideas about it do message me. I’d like to hear about anything else you’ve noticed.
I’ve done Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and sort of reading Iron Shirt but I’m not gunna get into that yet lol.