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PsYcheDeLiC # Posted on January 25, 2013 at 1:24 am


I agree with this guy. The ipod track idea sounds pretty sick. I’ve done shrooms around 6-7 times and every time has been an eye opening, mind expanding, and glorious experience in which my mind, body and soul has felt revitalized and replenished by the nature and power of shroomies. It’s personally my favorite drug amongst all substances. I’ve also never had a bad trip. But this is what I do to ensure a proper trip:

1) Safe environment
2) Friends you trust
3) A positive mindset
4) A desire to grow
5) Let go
6) Ensure you meet all physical needs before hand – Eating/exercising/drinking

The first three are absolutely essential. Also if you feel you are too weak-willed to create this sort of setting take 5htp before you trip for a serotonin boost. You won’t be as anxious and you’ll emit a more positive thought flow.