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JonH # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 11:54 am

My personal opinion is that the reason that music (without lyrics) and provoke emotion is that it is expressing the sound of how we would speak in the experienced emotion.

For instance the way one says a certain thing will evoke a certain (different) emotion. It will be very difficult to fully explain this in typing, but if I were to say to you I love you in a matter-of-fact way, very little emotion is actually evoked, although it may be triggered logically. How the words themselves sound do nothing.

However, if I were to string some words together, all of which are well-assembled and thoughtful such as “I woke this morning to find you next to me, the most beautiful thing in the world, and behold, I knew that I loved you.”

Before you even know what I’m going to say, you know what I’m going to say based on the tone and pitch I’m using. This is the sound, or the music, of voice, and it will amplify, if not create on its own, an emotion with your words.

If however, you use the same pitch and tone to describe something very mundane its funny, it doesn’t make sense. Because you still feel this emotional response to the sound, but the logic (the words) don’t make sense!

I’ve only recently noticed this, and I’m still developing it in my head, but most music I hear today, especially pop-music, has a sound that evokes a strong emotional response. The funniest thing is, though, is that often in pop music the lyrics and the sound are not always made by the same person, and you can tell. Often they just try and fit the words to the music. This makes me greatly detest pop music, for the sound itself is wonderful (or horrible) but its layered over a logical sequence (the words) that aren’t made by the same mind! Thus I can’t enjoy it.

Its quite rare to get a musician or band that is fully incorporating both sound and lyrics in the same song. Not one, then the other. If both are created coherently and simultaneously, the music is much more profound. Thats why most of my music is without words, just instrumental, its much easier to find good music that way.

Lastly, some sounds will obviously evoke a different emotional response. Hence sometimes we do listen to a song and think “the lyrics don’t make sense to the music” or “I wish they would have said THIS instead of THAT”. As we all grow and change under different environments, the sounds, words, and phrases we hear are going to be different.

Anyway, thats my thoughts.